Altar Servers

Many children in grades 3-8 serve at the altar during daily noon Mass and for funerals at St. Mary's Church.  Training is available during school hours for new altar servers, who must have received their Frst Holy Communion and shown the maturity needed for this responsibility.

Monthly Altar Server Schedule

Book Club

St. Mary's School Book Club meets on the last Thursday of each month from 2:45 - 3:15 to discuss our recent book selection and share a few snacks.  The club is open to students in grades 4-8, and the children help make each reading selection.


The St. Mary's School Choir joins voices to sing praise to God and to lead our school and parish in song during Mass.  They sing at weekly Friday Masses and at an occasional Sunday Mass, too.  Choir meets weekly after school from 2:30 - 3:30 in the music room.


St. Mary's School supports two robotics teams, a middle school team named Squirebots and an intermediate grade team named Mechanical Robots.  Both teams meet under the guidance of parent coaches and teacher Mrs. Uribe.  Robotics meets every Friday from 2:45 - 4:00 in preparation for competition in November.

Student Council

The Student Leadership Council is an elected group of eighth graders (and sometimes seventh graders) who are chosen by their peers to positions of president and vice-president, publicity, religion, and more.  Members of the Council lead the school in daily prayers, pledges, and a patriotic song.  Members not only serve as role models but as the voice of the student body.

Yearbook Committee

The eighth grade class serves as a yearbook committee for St. Mary's School.  Students learn basic photography skills and help document events during the school year.  They then design, edit, and sell yearbooks.  Yearbook work is completed during art classes throughout the school year with Mrs. Valenta serving as the committee advisor.

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Why Catholic Education?

  • CATHOLIC FAITH and Christian values are part of everything we do!
  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE using standards set by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and aligned with California standards
  • ADVANCED math classes, including algebra and geometry
  • 200 DAYS of instruction
  • APPLIED TECHNOLOGY using an online lab to integrate subjects with computer skills
  • AFFORDABILITY - While we recognize that a Catholic education is a sacrifice, St. Mary's keeps tuition low through the help of our PTO and dedicated community members.