Welcome to St. Mary's School!

For generations, St. Mary of the Assumption School has provided a quality education grounded in Christian values and our Catholic faith. This year, the tradition continues as we celebrate our 75th year educating the children of California's Central Coast! Our graduates have made quite a difference in the world and in our community, serving in medicine as doctors, nurses, and administrators; serving in education as teachers; serving in politics as mayors and local leaders; and serving as volunteers in our churches and community organizations. Tell anyone you are from St. Mary's, and they will respond with a smile and stories of how St. Mary's School shaped them and prepared each individual for the future.

Walk into a classroom and see how education has changed over the years. I doubt our founders, the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, could have imagined document cameras and projectors or quizzes and online research in a computer lab. We have moved from slate tablets to portable devices. St. Mary's balances new technology with traditional teaching to help each child reach his or her unique potential as a child of God.

One thing remains the same, however. St. Mary's is a family, one that has grown well beyond our walls since opening in 1938. If you are interested in becoming a St. Mary's Squire and joining the family, please visit our campus. Explore our website. Talk to one of our fine young students to learn more about the opportunities to grow in mind, body, and spirit. Our graduates become lifelong learners, faithful Catholics, productive citizens, and people of integrity. I invite you to meet the challenge and become a St. Mary's Squire, too!

Your servant in Christ,
Mrs. Michelle Cox
Proud Principal

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Why Catholic Education?

  • CATHOLIC FAITH and Christian values are part of everything we do!
  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE using standards set by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and aligned with California standards
  • ADVANCED math classes, including algebra and geometry
  • 200 DAYS of instruction
  • APPLIED TECHNOLOGY using an online lab to integrate subjects with computer skills
  • AFFORDABILITY - While we recognize that a Catholic education is a sacrifice, St. Mary's keeps tuition low through the help of our PTO and dedicated community members.