Preschool Tuition and Fees

Scholarships are available and have been made possible through the William and Lottie Daniel Childcare Scholarship Fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation. Please contact the director for more information. There may also be some scholarships available through the Catholic Education Foundation.


1/2 day program hours: Morning 1/2 days - (excluding nap)

Two ½ days per week $270.00 per month
Three ½ days per week 320.00 per month
Four ½ days per week $370.00 per month
Five ½ days per week $420.00 per month

Full day hours

Two full days per week $310.00 per month
Three full days per week $410.00 per month
Four full days per week $510.00 per month
Five full days per week $560 per month
(10% discount on tuition for currently enrolled St. Mary's Elementary School families)


Registration fee - $100.00 (non-refundable)
Supply/Equipment fee - $50.00 annually  (due within two weeks of enrollment)
Earthquake/Safety fee - $20.00  (one-time fee)

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Why Catholic Education?

  • CATHOLIC FAITH and Christian values are part of everything we do!
  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE using standards set by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and aligned with California standards
  • ADVANCED math classes, including algebra and geometry
  • 200 DAYS of instruction
  • APPLIED TECHNOLOGY using an online lab to integrate subjects with computer skills
  • AFFORDABILITY - While we recognize that a Catholic education is a sacrifice, St. Mary's keeps tuition low through the help of our PTO and dedicated community members.